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goods:network-broadcast box
presentation:embedded platform, the sigma the world's top professional media processing chip, small volume, no fan design, it is stable and reliable.
hardware index:
storage medium:
and with standard 4 g cf card or 160 gb sata hard drive or 250 gb sata hard drive
body size:
main function:
operating system
embedded linux operating system
support stream player
support multicast, vod, rtsp, mms both real-time
local download play
through the network receiving media content, storage in the local loop spot, regular play, play, gasket broadcasting
support picture segmentation
to support a video area, five graphic area, article 5 scrolling marquee, 1 logo area, 1 set a time and date week, a regional weather forecast area. freedom's split-screen functions, different region shows the different content.
osd support
support 32 bit truecolor osd, can show in any position, support video/graphic mixing, can in video superimposed on graphic, support completely transparent, opaque, a semipermeable etc effect, overall stack can reach 5 layers。
play data format:
video format
mpeg1、mpeg2、mpeg4、h264、smpte 421(vc-1)、wmv9
audio format
dolby®digital,dvd [email protected] mpl,mpeg-1 layers i、ii and iii,mpeg-4 aac-lc,wma,16bit pcm
format images
bmp、jpeg、png、gif etc.
basic interfa:
av video output
1 road of cvbs output, rca interface
vgavideo output
1 road of vga output, db-15 interface
hdmi/dvi output
1 road of standard hdmi sockets
usb2.0 interfa
2,the vertical 3.5 mm earphone interface, are all ttl level, a view debugging information, a mouth for control
1 a 10 m / 100 m adaptive ethernet, rj-45 interface
wireless network
external infrare
1 the vertical φ 3.5 mm earphone interface
audio output
simulation left, right sound channel output, rca interface;
add function
rtc real time clock
through the single-chip microcomputer access time data
timing open and shu
through the management system can focus on setting
support the watchdog reset
uses the monolithic internal watchdog, abnormal automatic recovery
ir input
support dmb special remote control(equipped with remote control)
power input
total power
work environment:
working temperature
work humidity
1、12v2a;2、audio/video line;3、vga line;4、two keys t,remote cont;
commitment:one year nature guarantees
advantages:professional engineer according to customer service
process:zsg established a spec(service hotline:400-033-2188),zsg technical personnel will according to user questions or malfunction,in time the engineer for processing,provide technical support to you at.
assurance:products have been through all authority evaluation, the authentication, including international ce certification, international rohs authentication.
service team:after-sales ,technology exquisite,professional ability,with rich experience in maintenance and support.
statement:the free to provide quality assurance for a year.from equipment located to the customers and sign the date of acceptance.all the artificial damage,accidental damage and violation operation and cause of the fault and damage is not warranty scope.after the warranty period equipment.provide equipment maintenance the paid service,discretion charge components fee,from maintenance.
the warranty period provide hotline telephone, fax, e-mail and so on many kinds of flexible contact means for the user to provide 24 hours of service timely response. if there is any problem and fault, such as user party think it is necessary to the technical personnel to the support, the company will send the professional engineer in 8 hours arrived on the scene (shenzhen city), undertake free repair or replacement service support.
service hotline: 86-400-033-2188
technology phone:0755-28896899
e-mail:[email protected]
the company address: no.14 hushan road,bantian daguangkan industrial garden,longgang district,shenzhen
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