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product:82 inch lcd monitor
presentation:the lcd screen of industrial control, high contrast ratio, high brightness, wide viewing angles, which improves the picture administrative levels feels.
82"fullhd panel(diagonal:2072mm)
point from
screen ratio
response time
visual diagonal:
display color:
video input:
signal input
digital input:
dvi×1,hdmi×1,1080p(1920×1080)backward compatibility
hd input:
ypbpr(bnc)×1,1080i(1920×1080)backward compatibility
audio input:
audio system:
2w speaker×2(optional)
intelligent cooling system:
intelligent temperature control fan, fan self-check function, saving energy consumption, reducing noise and reduce the temperature, improve the reliability
automatic backlighting system:
with the environment brightness self-adaptive backlighting, saving energy consumption, and reduce the fever, improve the lcd screen reliability; effectively solve the eye fatigue, facilitate long-term monitoring
operating mode:
line of control, infrared remote control, remote control
bus control:
video formats:
voltage design:
100~240v ac
power consumption:
envelop dimensions:
display size:
bring their own installation holes, and a base accessories.
storage temperature:
working temperature:
work humidity:
metal shell, anti-static, magnetic field, the strong electric field interference.
1、the industrial panel, more stable performance, service life of more than 60000 hours, can 7 x 24 hours, 365 days work continuously
2、780000 hd shows that the picture is exquisite, no flash, high-definition images.
3、adopt double 3 d adaptive filter to ensure that the image contrast, filter out image burr, makes the picture more natural transition; 16.7 m color display, the picture is more natural real, image distortion minimum.
4、8 ms rapid response, remove the image trailing, have automatic eliminate residual shadow function, protection of liquid crystal screen for long term use.
5、rich interface, multi-usage, can be in different fields in use.
6、the intelligent temperature control system, using the fan design, make sure the internal temperature control in 55 degrees within, and then more security.
7、compact structure design, suitable for various ways installation, metal shielding structure, can prevent external electromagnetic interference, no radiation.
8、energy conservation and environmental protection, lcd monitor the manufacture progressive-scan and some distance imaging, than common crt more to save electricity.
9、chinese and english language menu operating system, humanized man-machine interface, professional design, used in the long time complex environment, stable work, the beauty is generous
10、the narrow frame design, remote centralized control, automatic backlighting system, source browsing, running state display, a variety of heavy show rate switch, intelligent temperature control fan.
11、the professional level a lcd screen, have high contrast, high brightness, can greatly improve the picture administrative levels sense, the hd graphics engine is perfect hd graphics, better performance details.
12、hd, image picture is exquisite, no flash, high-definition images. full compliance with the requirements of future digital television, fashionable and beautiful appearance is identical with contemporary people's aesthetic taste.
12、the lcd screen of industrial control, high contrast ratio, high brightness, wide viewing angles, which improves the picture administrative levels feels.
13、the lacquer that bake industrial process, appearance is concise, technology outstanding, and industrial control host as a whole.
14、super cooling design, so the more stable performance, and long service life.
commitment:one year nature guarantees
advantages:professional engineer according to customer service
process:zsg established a spec(service hotline:400-033-2188),zsg technical personnel will according to user questions or malfunction,in time the engineer for processing,provide technical support to you at.
assurance:products have been through all authority evaluation, the authentication, including international ce certification, international rohs authentication.
service team:after-sales ,technology exquisite,professional ability,with rich experience in maintenance and support.
statement:the free to provide quality assurance for a year.from equipment located to the customers and sign the date of acceptance.all the artificial damage,accidental damage and violation operation and cause of the fault and damage is not warranty scope.after the warranty period equipment.provide equipment maintenance the paid service,discretion charge components fee,from maintenance.
the warranty period provide hotline telephone, fax, e-mail and so on many kinds of flexible contact means for the user to provide 24 hours of service timely response. if there is any problem and fault, such as user party think it is necessary to the technical personnel to the support, the company will send the professional engineer in 8 hours arrived on the scene (shenzhen city), undertake free repair or replacement service support.
service hotline: 86-400-033-2188
technology phone:0755-28896899
e-mail:[email protected]
the company address: no.14 hushan road,bantian daguangkan industrial garden,longgang district,shenzhen
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