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 vertical lcd ads player d series goods:vertical lcd ads player d series
size:55 inch vertical lcd ads player
this advertisement machine size, color and function can be specially according to the customer demand. agile collocation.
 size42 inch47 inch55 inch65 inch
resolution ratio1920×10801920×10801920×10801920×1080
viewing area930×523mm1040×584mm1209×6801428×814
response time4ms4ms4.5ms5.5ms
liftime≥50000 hours≥50000 hours≥50000 hours≥50000 hours
viewing angle178°/178°178°/178°178°/178°178°/178°
material qualitystalinitestalinitestalinitestalinite
aluminum alloy with advertising slots border fashion design
mountingone be bornone be bornone be bornone be born
power supply
ac100v~240v 50/60hz
weight empty100kg120kg150kg220kg
product function 
stand-alone1、support streaming media: using multimedia professional hd dec
     decoding hd;
2、support languages: chinese, english, french, spanish, japanese, korean, russian, and languages;
3、support file format: support fat/fat32/ntfs
4、video format support:mp4、avi、divx、xvid、vob、dat、mpg、rm、rmvb、mkb、
5、the music format support:mp3/wma/ogg/aac/ac/dts/flac/ape
6、support image formats:jpeg、bmp、gif、png
7、image playback: picture play, 15 of flower pattern play support effect, and playing time(3、5、10、
8、flow subtitle: support up to 1000 words
9、split-screen function: support free seg
10、support did screen function
11、support the automatic cycle play function
12、support for the display, function of time.
web edition1、using linux platform terminal, released the background operating system environment support window xp, window 7
     the remote release multimedia information, web background management including terminal management, materials management, style, management, task
     layout, the rights management, system management.
2、support streaming media: support multicast, vod, rtsp, mms real-time broadcast
3、to support local download play: through the network receiving media content, storage in the local loop play, ", regular play
4、support screen division: split-screen functions, different region shows the different content. to support a video area, five graphic area.
     article 5 scrolling marquee, a logo area, 1 set a time and date week area, a weather forecast area
5、osd support: support 32 bit truecolor osd, can show in any position, support video/graphic mixing, can in the video
     superimposed on graphic, support completely transparent, opaque, half through effect etc.
6、the video format support:mpeg-1,mpeg-2,mpeg-4,h.264,wmv
7、support audio format:mp3,dts,aac,wma
8、support image formats:bmp、jpg、jpeg、png、gif
9、wifi function: support 802.11 b/g, 3 g wireless network transmission(optional)
10、support the rtc real time clock time date to show support, weather and other information display;
11、support remote monitoring terminal condition, disk space, time playing the program。
12、the regular support switch machine
13、support the watchdog reset the single machine internal watchdog, the cpu crash case 1 minutes after the restart automatically.
14、support online network upgrades software, also direct terminal in terminal installation upgrade software.
commitment:one year nature guarantees
advantages:professional engineer according to customer service
process:zsg established a spec(service hotline:400-033-2188),zsg technical personnel will according to user questions or malfunction,in time the engineer for processing,provide technical support to you at.
assurance:products have been through all authority evaluation, the authentication, including international ce certification, international rohs authentication.
service team:after-sales ,technology exquisite,professional ability,with rich experience in maintenance and support.
statement:the free to provide quality assurance for a year.from equipment located to the customers and sign the date of acceptance.all the artificial damage,accidental damage and violation operation and cause of the fault and damage is not warranty scope.after the warranty period equipment.provide equipment maintenance the paid service,discretion charge components fee,from maintenance.
the warranty period provide hotline telephone, fax, e-mail and so on many kinds of flexible contact means for the user to provide 24 hours of service timely response. if there is any problem and fault, such as user party think it is necessary to the technical personnel to the support, the company will send the professional engineer in 8 hours arrived on the scene (shenzhen city), undertake free repair or replacement service support.
service hotline: 86-400-033-2188
technology phone:0755-28896899
e-mail:[email protected]
the company address: no.14 hushan road,bantian daguangkan industrial garden,longgang district,shenzhen
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