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zsg lcd advertising growing demand

with the domestic business and consumer environment hasdeveloped, is also growing demand for advertising, digital, network, information technology has become a multi-mediaadvertising advertising media market in a big bright spot.however, there are mostly stand-alone advertising unit, must be replaced to replace the commercials advertising the cf card ordvd disc, not only caused a lot of human waste and difficult timemultimedia information quickly and accurately to the requireddelivery of specific audiences. multi-media advertising network is the leader in technology beganin hotels, supermarkets, buildings, shopping areas of high incomefavored advertising market. use of the network device, the user can control via ethernet to achieve centralized, scheduled to management and multimedia content delivery. infrastructure in thewiring place does not meet the network connectivity, you canchoose to use the wlan function. tv ads will feature integrated into the application, you can also choose to use the tv tuner, withhdmi for advertisers hd video experience. hot-swappable multi-function sd card and cf card socket for dynamic advertisinginformation release has brought great convenience, flexibility tobring digital advertising to maximize the application. wan network to support the launch of advertising, propertyadvertising for the lcd industry to bring new highlights, ip-basednetwork access control, advertising machine, a card to play than traditional stand-alone building advertising has a great advantage : 1, the maintenance of advertising content is very convenient: the traditional advertising need to be a good copy of the contents of a computer, by the advertising network specialized personnel toreplace the cf card, resulting in waste of human resources, andinefficient; zhuowo electronic online advertising customersmachine, via the internet ip access, through the control console in the office, directly transmitted to update the contents of theadvertisement under the machine, and can delete, sort, set therules of play, spots control, aerial control, etc. all in a few minutescan be done, and save a lot of labor costs.
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