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zsg lcd touch-screen advertising

short wave touch interactive advertising industry adopted the most advanced touch-interactive inquiry system network to support real-time information network broadcast queries or broken networkoffline players check the contents of the machine edited. thetouch-query uses the most advanced information distributionsystem, information dissemination and networking integration oftouch technology, so that people making inquiries at the same timesimple touch can also see a variety of information release picturesfor more information, thereby achieving more place human-computer interaction, leading the media industry trends. achieve unified management, centralized maintenance of the product, the terminal does not require special maintenancetechnicians, data maintenance automation, terminal configurationdoes not require special maintenance for each person. full-featured, high availability multimedia query information release system combinesinformation dissemination, touch interactive search function and other functions. good services click to check the touch, the system maintenance tools with thepowerful, the user can promptly and easily on the background datamaintenance, updating and production of advertising messages;while providing superior internet services. user-friendly interface design multimedia query system user-friendly, beautiful, simple: nocomplex operations, no dazzling menu, the user just gently touchthe icon on the screen, you can easily check the requiredinformation. modular system design multimedia query information release system, modular designof hardware and software, according to the needs of users the flexibility to increase or decrease the function block. performancein terms of hardware components that can add features such asmagnetic card reader, printing functions, software can becustomized according to user requirements to increase flexibility infunctional modules, the system can have good scalability.
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